Lord Woolton Pie & LONDON TIMES (1941)

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   26 April 1941, THE TIMES (London), pg. 2, col. D:
   In hotels and restaurants, no less than in communal canteens, many people
have tasted Lord Woolton pie and pronounced it good.  Like many other
economical dish, it can be described as wholesome fare.  It also meets the dietician's
requirements in certain vitamins.  The ingredients can be varied according to
the vegetables in season.  Here is the official recipe:--
   Take 1lb. each diced of potatoes, cauliflower, swedes, and carrots, three
or four springs onions--if possible, one teaspoonful of vegetable extract, and
one tablespponful of oatmeal.  Cook all together for 10 minutes with just
enough water to cover.  Stir occasionally to prevent the mixture from sticking.
Allow  to cool; put into a piedish, sprinkle with chopped parsley, and cover
with a crust of potato or wheatmeal pastry.  Bake in a moderate oven until the
pastry is nicely browned and serve hot with a brown gravy.

LONDON TIMES now to January 1839--
   For some reason, the TIMES (London) is no longer on the new Bobcat menu at
NYU.  George, did it just go away?
   I checked at the NYPL, and the database now reaches 1839.  (It had been
   Unfortunately, it appears that "vegetarian" goes back only to 1 June 1848,
pg. 8, col. B.

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