"Windy City" on web

Laurence Horn laurence.horn at YALE.EDU
Mon Sep 8 01:20:46 UTC 2003

>    My latest "Windy City" findings are on the web
>(www.orionjeweb.com), on that "Chicago" guy's page:
>   Subj:    Re: Windy City Myth
>   Date:    9/7/2003 4:06:43 PM Eastern Daylight Time
>   From:    "carljweber" <carljweber at email.msn.com>
>   To:    <Bapopik at aol.com>
>   Cc:    <gcohen at umr.edu>
>   Sent from the Internet (Details)
>Thanks for the scans. Here's what I've come up with.
>    I have to tell him a few things, such as that COMMENTS ON
>ETYMOLOGY is not an ADS publication.  But it's OK.

More than OK; it's great.  I especially like the fact that Carl's
site includes scans of some of those Cincinnati Enquirer references
(though not the earliest Barry has located).  Thanks to both Barry
and Carl!  (And thanks to Jerry at CoE and to Cecil at TSD as well.)


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