Dennis R. Preston preston at PILOT.MSU.EDU
Tue Sep 9 17:10:57 UTC 2003

Nope. "doesn't it" also becomes "donnit" through the well-known
/z/---> /d/ (see "business" -----> ) rule and subsequent assimilation
processes I laid out earlier.


--- Anne Gilbert <avavgilbertRODIGY.NET> wrote:
>  Duane:
... and "done
>  it" for "doesn it."

>  I've heard "init" but not "donit"
>  Anne G

"Donit" is for "don't it", not "doesn it".  I hear
this all the time - in movies, on TV, in daily speech.
  Much, much more common, to my hearing anyway, than "init".

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