First query after vacation

Douglas G. Wilson douglas at NB.NET
Wed Sep 10 00:08:34 UTC 2003

>What weird Boston affectation would make a Johns Hopkins/Harvard educated
>man pluralize words that shouldn't be? For example, ""It appears an event
>took place in Canada, and that the load shedding that perhaps they should
>have done was not done in a ways that prevented the New York power grid
>form having to try to supply power."

I don't know ... but many persons would say "down the road a ways" etc.
Maybe from an old plural or genitive?

>He's also regularly says moneys (when not necessary)

A legal version ... maybe he thinks it sounds cool or in-the-know?

>and referred to Yankee manager Joe Torre as Torres.

No mystery here since Torres is a common last name and Torre is uncommon:
Torres is at least about 100 times as frequent as Torre in the US, I believe.

-- Doug Wilson

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