Pushout (1965) ("not a dropout")

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     From Nat Hentoff in this week's VILLAGE VOICE:

But the chief indictment of Klein's chancellorship was displayed for all to see in the July 31 and August 1 New York Times front-page stories "To Cut Failure Rate, Schools Shed Students" and "High School Under Scrutiny for Giving Up on Its Students."

 The ever vigilant Carl Campanile of the New York Post broke the pushout story last November 9. The Times should enter its pieces by Tamar Lewin and Jennifer Medina for a Pulitzer, and the Post should submit Campanile's reporting as well.

    OED's first citation is the 1970 BRITANNICA BOOK OF THE YEAR (1969).

    9 August 1965, CHILICOTHE CONSTITUTION-TRIBUNE (Chilicothe, Missouri), pg. 8, col. 1:
    Adam Clayton Powell, the Harlem globe-trotter, boviously enjoyed presiding over his committee on education and labor when it dug into Chicago's explosive school system.
    Martin Luther King, who had been demonstrating against Chicago School Superintendent Benjamin Willis, prodded Powell into conducting these hearings.  Powell, however, needed no real prodding and promptly called Prof. Philip Hauser, an anti-Willis witness, who stated that 95 per cent of the students were promoted whether they deserved to be or not.
    "I would call that a pushout, not a dropout," interrupted Powell.

       By JOSEPH A. LOFTUS Special to The New York Times.       New York Times  (1857-Current file).       New York, N.Y.: Jun 20, 1965.                   p. 41 (1 page):
   Not a dropout, but a pushout, as Eddie described it.

              New York Times  (1857-Current file).       New York, N.Y.: Nov 24, 1966.                   p. 58 (1 page):
   "The term dropout might often be changed to pushout," said Dr. Robert Vintet, associate dean of the university's School of Social Work.

      Now it's the school 'pushout'
       By John Dillin Staff correspondent of The Christian Science Monitor.       Christian Science Monitor  (1908-Current file).       Boston, Mass.: Dec 3, 1973.                   p. 6 (1 page)

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