"Elvis Has Left the Building"

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When I saw Elvis in the mid-70's I think they said it.  My mom took her younger sisters to see him in the 50's.  I doubt that those screaming girls would have noticed something like that.  Even had they heard it, it's been over 45 years and would not remember.

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> Is anyone able to shed any light on the earliest evidence for and
> coiner of the expression "Elvis has left the building"?

The following sounds plausible:


   Hayride Legend Dies: longtime Louisiana Hayride producer & emcee
   Horace Logan passed away in Victoria, Texas on Sunday (Oct. 13) at
   age 86; many future legends got their start on the Hayride (which
   aired nationally from radio station KWKH-AM in Shreveport) during
   Logan's tenure (1948-57), including Elvis Presley, Hank Williams,
   Webb Pierce, Johnny Horton, Johnny Cash, Kitty Wells and Jim
   Reeves; Hogan is credited with coining the catch phrase, "Elvis has
   left the building", uttered while trying to quiet a frenzied
   Hayride crowd after a Presley performance in '56; for more info,
   see Logan's 1998 book, "Elvis, Hank, and Me: Making Musical History
   on the Louisiana Hayride".

Wasn't the phrase also used at the end of his last televised concert
in the mid-to-late 1970s?  I always assumed that after its initial
use, it became a tradition at his concerts (you could probably contact
a biographer about that).

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