I. Omar Colodny, anyone?

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If Tamony published in Colodny's magazine, there should be some correspondence between Colodny and Tamony preserved in the  Peter Tamony Collection of Americanisms, held at the Western Historical Manuscript Collection, 23 Ellis Library, Columbia MO 65201. The staff there is very helpful, although recent reductions in state funding have forced them to charge a higher fee for their services.
You might try contacting David Moore (Associate Director, WHMC: e-mail address: mooredf at umsystem.edu)

   Also, the message below seems to indicate that copies of Colodny's magazine are no longer available anywhere. Is this possible? I know that Tamony had at least some copies; his personal library was donated by his sister Kathleen to the  library of the University of Missouri-Columbia, so the copies should be there.
UMC kindly sent duplicate books, magazines, etc. to the University of Missouri-Rolla, and I vaguely remember Colodny's name and the thin issues of his magazine.  I might have ten or so in my office, which is not the same as saying they are readily locatable.

Gerald Cohen

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        Any suggestions on where I can find information on I. Omar Colodny? He published a small magazine, Words, back in the 1930s. He taught at what is now LA City College. The folks there tell me that the college no longer has an archives. I am writing a history of "Among the New Words," which began as "The Living Language" in Colodny's little magazine. This history of the department is a part of my master's thesis, which also includes the editors, assistant editors, and remarkable contributors, like Peter Tamony, Adele Algeo, Mary Gray Porter, Mamie Meredith, and David Maurer.

        Thank you for any advice.

        Brenda Lester, Gradual Student

        Macon, GA

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