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Fri Sep 12 04:30:12 UTC 2003

>Lighter in RHDAS suggests that "origin unknown."
>He cites "choad" from 1968 to mean "penis."
>He cite "choan" to mean copulation, from 1974(although some cites were from
>students who remembered the word from the 1960's).
>A poster over at the Straight Dope Message Board, who I accept as a
>knowledgeable individual on many non-English words suggests that it come
>from "....the Hindustani word cod (pronounced chode) meaning 'fuck'.
>(Warning: this is a very rude word in Hindustani, so do not practice using
>it around your Indian friends unless they are, you know, really really good

Sure, "choad" = "penis" was around in the 1960's. Recently we see it
meaning "perineum anterior to the anus", which I guess needed a good common
name while the membrum virile had too many. It's also been used for fecal
residues. It's a relatively obscure term which is obscene and can mutate to
other obscene meanings, maybe like "wazoo" which I've heard meaning "penis"
as well as "anus", or "cock" which is sexually ambiguous. The origin? I
have no immediate theory.

Sure, Hindi "chod" or so = "f*ck". But then Green's dictionary suggests
Navajo "chodis" = "penis" (for which I can't vouch personally), and in the
many languages in the world there are probably several other candidates.
Hindi "chod" is not used in the sense "penis" AFAIK (from my position of
abject ignorance of Hindi, I think this would most often be "land" or so,
sometimes "lavda"/"laura" or so, etc. ... but as in English I'm sure there
are hundreds of common and recondite synonyms). [Is Hindi "chod" related to
Hindi "chut" = "c*nt"?] I suspect pure coincidence, but surely the Hindi
origin can be considered as a possibility ... now we await the textual
evidence, or at minimum some convincing story about how and why US student
slang adopted Hindi "chod" (and not Hindi "land" etc.) ....

"Choan" = "sex" I've never heard myself AFAIK. I like Green's dictionary's
suggestion < "action" ("[ak-]chon"); it could also be apheretic for
"satisfaction" (of which one sometimes can't get none).

-- Doug Wilson

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