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Fri Sep 12 16:03:48 UTC 2003

Again I must back Jesse. While we have had suggested a variety of terms that
relate to India, or more properly that cultural subset of India as
experienced by the relatively small group of Western hippies who actually
visited and who brought such terms home (or at any rate helped spread their
popularity), we have yet to see cited any examples of actual Hindi or for
that matter Urdu, Tamil, Malayalam or indeed the slang of any other
indigenous Indian language that might have been adopted by Westerners.
_Choad_ itself is at best debatable - and in my opinion fails to make the
cut. In the hope of first-hand evidence I called up a friend, a veteran of
late 60s/early 70s Indian trips. Aside from backing my belief that the
hippies did not encounter such slang, he found the idea of 'sitting round
having a beer with the locals' after a hard day at the ashram simply
risible. It didn't happen. I accept that one friend does not make an
incontrovertible proof, but as Jesse points out, and my own researches back
him up, this supposedly widespread lexicon of slang, born in the Sixties and
rooted in Indian languages, simply isn't there.  .

Jonathon Green

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