Flypaper Strategy; Evil Killers;"Their" Period

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   ProQuest went down for maintenance on Saturday.  It could mean that it's
adding the CHICAGO TRIBUNE, or it could mean that ProQuest is just screwing up.


   Andrew Sullivan's blog mentions this.  Here's the first Google Groups hit,
only about a month ago:

From: <A HREF="">Dana Dare</A> (<A HREF="mailto:iam%40myown.person">iam at myown.person</A>)
Subject: Re: A powerful explosion has rocked the Mariot hotel in Jakarta
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Date: 2003-08-07 07:16:06 PST

Freewheeling wrote:> On Tue, 05 Aug 2003 17:29:20 -0700, Dana Dare <
iam at myown.person>> wrote:> > >>Please fill me in on how you believe I've got my hunches
at 180? from  >>what is actually happening.> > > Bill Kristol covers this
topic in a number of articles he wrote with> Kagan and Kaplan.  It may also be in
his most recent book, and he made> the point in a live conversation with
Charlie Rose a few months ago.> It makes sense if you understand the extent to
which Arabs disrespect> weakness.  Recall that UBL used references to Somalia and
the Black> Hawk Down episode in his recruitment speeches, as examples of the
fact> that America is a "paper tiger."  And it is a long standing principle>
in Bedouin strategy that you don't fight unless you are convinced you> have a
chance of victory (and some felt that you don't fight unless> victory is
certain), so Bedouin campaigns were usually a series of> strategic withdrawals until
conditions were favorable for an attack.> Which is precisely what Al Qaeda is
doing at the moment.  All of these> minor attacks around the globe are
designed to cover a strategic> withdrawal.  And they hope that we'll eventually
become complacent and> they can reconstitute.  Which was the same theory that
Hussein was> operating from.  It is folly to show weakness when dealing with an>
Arab military regime of warrior cult of any sort, because it inspires> them to
fight.  There are lots of angry people in the Middle East, but> the current
"guerilla war" in Iraq is extraordinarily anemic in> comparison to most guerilla
campaigns in history.  Plus, if there is> any place where it's to our
advantage to draw these forces into a> fight it's in Iraq.  We're much better off
fighting them there, which> is the logic behind Bush's taunt "Bring it on."  It's
sometimes called> the "flypaper strategy.">


   The NEW YORK POST 11 September 2003 front page headline:

September 11, 2003
Today, New York...
3,016 innocent lives
taken 2 years ago but
Their evil killers

   Evil killers?  Is there a redundancy here?  Can killers ever be nice guys?
   Google has about 3,000 "evil killer" hits.


   This was said on a panty-liner tv commercial.
   Hey!  Use correct English!  It should be:

Who wears white during his or her period?

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