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   It's 1887.
   People ("journalists") write stories.  They get paid for these stories.
   No one checks?  One of the most famous of all American place names?  People repeat the same errors?
   This is of possible interest to Frank Abate, who's writing a book on American placenames.  Frank, are you still there?

Saturday, August 9th, 2003
How Hollywood USA got
its name
Back in the year 1888, Mrs Daeda Wilcox, wife of one Harvey Henderson Wilcox, overheard one woman telling another that her nearby home was called Hollywood. Harvey H Wilcox was a property speculator and builder, and he decided, on his wife's advice, that the housing estate he was planning for Beachwood Canyon should be called Hollywood Land. It was later he who, in 1923, erected the huge sign on the hillside reading 'Hollywood Land', letters 50 feet high and illuminated by 4,000 bulbs. In 1939 it was replaced and the word 'Land" was omitted. That sign is now a national monument, and all because George Hewston tried to grow apples, to help his tenants survive, in Adare a century and a half ago.

The community was laid out in the late 1880s, after a real estate developer named Harvey Wilcox registered his 120-acre citrus ranch as Hollywood on February 1st, 1887, and started selling subdivisions of the property.

1888 - A bucolic hillside area  populated by citrus farmers is given the name "Hollywood" by Harvey Henderson  Wilcox and his wife, Daeida, as part of a residential development. It is Daeida  who selects the name after she meets a lady on a train whose summer home is  called Hollywood.

      Death of Ex-secretary Prelilng
              Los Angeles Times (1881-1886).       Los Angeles, Calif.: May 21, 1885.                   p. 0_1 (1 page):
   RICHMOND, Va., May 20.--The formal opening of the Confederate Soldiers' Home, near this city, took place to-day.  From this home the veterans and military proceeded to Hollywood Cemetery and participated in the annual decoration of the graves of Confederates, to-day being Decoration Day.

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              Los Angeles Times (1886-Current File).       Los Angeles, Calif.: Dec 7, 1886.                   p. 1 (1 page):
   Monroe was also buried in New York, but by act of the Virginia Legislature his remains were removed to Hollywood Cemetery, Richmond.

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              Los Angeles Times (1886-Current File).       Los Angeles, Calif.: Apr 8, 1887.                   p. 1 (1 page):
STRAYED OR STOLEN--A SPAN OF horses, one black mare with colt, one sorrel horse; both had halters on when taken; liberal reward for delivery of said horses to H. H. WILCOX, 34 N. Spring, or to Hollywood Ranch, near Cahuenga Pass.

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              Los Angeles Times (1886-Current File).       Los Angeles, Calif.: Jul 25, 1887.                   p. 7 (1 page):
   Look out for Hollywood, at Cahuenga Pass, on Sunset boulevard, 100 feet wide, 6 miles long;...
   Several wealthy gentlemen have already decided to make their homes at Hollywood in the near future.  Drive out there and see, and then wait until it is on the market, then make your home there.  (...)
H. H. WILCOX & CO., 34 North Spring Street.

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              Los Angeles Times (1886-Current File).       Los Angeles, Calif.: Jul 26, 1887.                   p. 7 (1 page)

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              Los Angeles Times (1886-Current File).       Los Angeles, Calif.: Jul 27, 1887.                   p. 7 (1 page)

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              Los Angeles Times (1886-Current File).       Los Angeles, Calif.: Jul 29, 1887.                   p. 10 (1 page)

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