Webidence (2000)

Bapopik at AOL.COM Bapopik at AOL.COM
Sun Sep 14 23:25:50 UTC 2003

But pet seems to me to go both ways, like knit...So far, two votes against
and one for, and a whole bunch of Webidence for as well...

Benjamin Barrett
Baking the World a Better Place
   "Webidence" is not on Wordspy.com.  There isn't a trademark for it, and I didn't see it on Nexis.  Unfortunately, it wasn't coined here today.
   There are 77 Google hits, and 215 Google Groups hits.

(GOOGLE GROUPS)(The subject line is in Russian--ed.)
From: Alexander Chelnokov (Alexander.Chelnokov at f96.n5080.z2.fidonet.org)
Newsgroups: fido7.su.medic
Date: 2000-09-05 07:11:01 PST
Bruce Slater, from the United States, says that "Webidence is scientific (type
1) and pseudo-scientific (type 2) medical advice and opinion posted on a
website. The marker . . . is `sticky eyeballs,' the measuring device is the web
hit counter, and the unit is the unique hit and repeat visit count.
Unfortunately, no reputable authority exists for separating types 1 and 2."

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