Fri Sep 19 02:32:38 UTC 2003

I believe that we may have discussed "Not!" a while back, but it isn't an easy term to search for.  I happened to come across this example from the classic short story "Pigs Is Pigs," written by Ellis Parker Butler and published in 1906.  The speaker is a stereotypical Irish-American, the agent of an express company in a small New Jersey town.


>>"Proceed to collect," he said softly.  "How thim clerks do loike to be talkin'!  _Me_ proceed to collect two dollars and twinty-foive cints off Misther Morehouse! I wonder do thim clerks _know_ Misther Morehouse?  I'll git it!  Oh, yes! 'Misther Morehouse, two an' a quarter, plaze.' 'Cert'nly, me dear frind F'annery.  Delighted!' _Not!"_<<


John Baker


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