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   I'll probably go to the Library of Congress this Thursday.  I've requested the CINCINNATI ENQUIRER (1872-1875) and the GALVESTON NEWS (1840s-1850s).  I'm going for the whole enchilada.  The LOC was closed the past few days because of the storm.
   I've got a lot more Trinidad/South American material that I'll get to in another post.


   No early "Murphy's Law" was found in AVIATION WEEK?  I'm not surprised.  The LOS ANGELES TIMES project is up to the 1930s.  Just take it easy and wait for the 1950s.  Edwards AFB news should hit this newspaper before the NEW YORK TIMES.
   Oh, those wonderful hours spent reading AVIATION WEEK...

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MURPHY'S LAW (continued)

   Nothing is ever easy.
   Some checking was done for the 5 January 1950 alleged date for the John
Paul Stapp news conference.  Nothing comes up in the LOS ANGELES TIMES,


   Merriam-Webster's 11th gives 1955 for "veggie."  It's here in 1955 on, but it means "vegetarians"--the people who eat vegetables, not the vegetables themselves.  Make the entry a double veggie.

    18 August 1955, NEWPORT DAILY NEWS (Newport, Rhode Island), pg.8, col. 4:
 Robert Ruark
 _The Vegetable Way of Life_
    The International Vegetarian Union has been meeting in Paris, and I see that my friend Master Arthur Buchwald has done his usual fine, snide, deadpan job on the carrot-munchers.
    As a keen aficionado of what the (Col. 5--ed.) veggies call "vulture food," which is to say meat, I manage to control my emotion over the plight of a four-year-old steer which has been cannibalizing innocent corn for some weeks in a stockyard pen.


   I walked down Eighth Avenue and ate at Jerry's Kitchen, but didn't have enough room for the "Cream Cyclone."  I thought there would be other Google hits for a "lemonade and vanilla ice cream" drink, but there doesn't seem to be.
Cream Cylcone (lemonade with vanilla ice cream)... 3.00


   A "burritoria" is also on Eighth Avenue.  "Burritoria" on the Kitchen Market's sign, but doesn't appear to be on its web site.
   This was probably not coined by Marian Burros.
BURRITORIA--33 Google hits

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