Taco Salad (1965)

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   Or all right, here's another "taco salad" from the 1960s.  But Los Angeles is gonna beat this.   The first NEW YORK TIMES hit is 1982, from Connecticut.
   OT:  The GOURMET restaurant issue just arrived in the mail.  The Sterns check out the pizza in New Haven, CT.  Again!

      Add a Touch Of Old Mexico
              The Washington Post, Times Herald  (1959-1973).       Washington, D.C.: Mar 11, 1965.                   p. C19 (1 page):
   LOOKING for a hearty salad to serve with steaming bowls of soup for a church, club or school luncheon for 40 or 50 people?
   Tr Taco Salad.  It's different and delicious.  Made with shredded lettuce, grated cheese, ground beef, tomatoes, corn chips and Taco sauce, the main dish sald satisfies hearty appetitites.  (...)
      _TACO SALAD_
4 heads coarsely shredded lettuce
4 cups grated cheddar cheese
1 cup onion, finely chopped
8 medium fresh tomatoes, cut in chunks, or 2 cans (1 lb., 12 oz.) whole tomatoes, drained
3 pounds of ground beef
1/3 cup Taco Sauce
24 ounces tortilla corn chips
Black olives
   Wash, drain and chill lettuce.  Shred lettuce heads with knife or use a machine medium vegetable shredder disc.  Keep lettuce cold.  Meanwhile, saute onions and ground beef.  Break up the meat with a fork while cooking,  Put shredded lettuce, grated cheese and tomatoes in large salad bowl; toss lightly.  When ready to serve, add hot meat and corn chips.  Toss ingredients together lightly.  Garnish with black olives.  Makes 3 gallons or 40 one-cup servings.
   NOTE:  The meat mixture goes into the main dish salad ingredients while hot.  If serving a large group of people, have the cold and hot ingredients prepared, toss together in small batches.

      Display Ad 24 -- No Title
              The Washington Post, Times Herald  (1959-1973).       Washington, D.C.: May 27, 1966.                   p. A12 (1 page):
(False hit--ed.)

      Bourbon Pate-a Decorative Hors d'Oeuvre to Impress Your Guests
       Anne's Reader Exchange.       The Washington Post, Times Herald  (1959-1973).       Washington, D.C.: Aug 8, 1968.                   p. D17 (1 page):
(False hit--ed.)

      Hot Town, Summer in the City: The Salad Cool-Off
       By Betsy Balsley.       The Washington Post  (1974-Current file).       Washington, D.C.: Aug 4, 1977.                   p. E14 (1 page):

      Balancing Diets From Infancy Onward
       By Jeanne Lesem.       The Washington Post  (1974-Current file).       Washington, D.C.: Oct 25, 1979.                   p. E22 (1 page)

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