Japanese fire drill

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> Is there a convergence of
>the date for "Japanese" fire drill and the perceived economic threat of of
>Japan?  Not knowing the history of the steel industry in Pittsburgh, I can't
>speak with any certainty, but it could be this would be the time when the
>Pittsburgh steel industry (which has, of course, vanished)  was threatened by
>the Japanese steel industry.  Adolescents reflect (reluctantly and
>unconsciously) the attitudes of their parents and the  general context in which
>they operate.  Could this be an explanation for the shift from Chinese to

This is possible.  Being from Pittsburgh, though not from a steel
working family, I know that in the early 1980's was when the steel
industry really crashed, but the seeds for that could have been planted
in the 1970's when I remember hearing this phrase.  In addition, I do
know that there is a perception among people in the area where I grew up
that the japanese are/were "taking over" jobs etc. in the area, putting
"honest" Pittsburghers out of work.

I hadn't thought of that, but it sounds logical.

If I get a chance, I'll check with others who grew up around that time
in Pittsburgh to see if they heard the phrase.


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