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Submitter:  Wohlers, Lynne
Subject:    <A HREF="http://boards.ancestry.com/mbexec/message/an/localities.ceeurope.germany.bavaria.general/297">Anton Feuchtwanger</A>
Message:    Anton Ludwig FEUCHTWANGER was a sausage peddler from Bavaria. He
invented the Hot Dog on a Bun in the Summer of 1886 in St. Louis, Missouri,
USA. He was also supposed to have invented this at the St. Louis World's
Fair/Louisiana Purchase Exposition in 1904. Anton was married and had a brother who
was a Baker. The house where he invented the Hog Dog on a Bun, the Jean
Baptiste Roy House, was at 2nd and Plum Streets in St. Louis. The St. Louis Arch, or
Jefferson National Expansion Memorial, now stands at this place. In about 1946
or 1947, there was a Historical Marker or Plaque dedicated to Anton by the
St. Louis Jr. Chamber of Commerce, the Young Men's Division. When did Anton
immigrate to the USA? Any information would be greatly appreciated.

Submitter:  Lynne Wohlers
Subject:    <A HREF="http://boards.ancestry.com/mbexec/message/an/localities.northam.usa.states.missouri.counties.stlouis/178">FEUCHTWANGER, ANTON LUDWIG</A>
Message:    ANTON LUDWIG FEUCHTWANGER was a sausage peddler from Bavaria. In
the Summer of 1883 while working for Sausage makers John BOEPPLE and William
TAMME at the Jean Baptiste Roy House at 2nd and Plum Street in Downtown St.
Louis, Anton invented the Hot Dog on a Bun. Anton had a wife, and a brother who
was a Baker. The legend says that Anton's wife suggested he put hot sausages
wrapped in a bun.

The Jean Baptiste Roy House, which was a Historical Landmark with a Plaque on
it dedicated to Anton as being the inventor of the Hot Dog on a Bun, was torn
down in 1947 to make room for the St. Louis Arch (Jefferson National
Expansion Memorial).

The Historical Marker, or Plaque, was dedicated to Anton Ludwig Feuchtwanger
by the Young Men's Division of the Jr. Chamber of Commerce, but I do not know
what year. When the dedication took place, was Anton or his descendants still
around? I have been told that the Historical Marker is in the Basement of City
Hall in St. Louis.

Anton was also to have invented the Hot Dog on a Bun in 1904 at the St. Louis
World's Fair, Louisiana Purchase Exposition. There is also a possibility that
Anton came from Frankfurt, Germany, and not Bavaria. Any help is appreciated.

Lynne Wohlers

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