House of the Hot Dog (St. Louis, 1947)

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      Mirror of World Opinion The House of the Hot Dog
              Christian Science Monitor  (1908-Current file).       Boston, Mass.: Jan 20, 1947.                   p. 20 (1 page)

   If everyone who has rolled his tongue and smacked his lips over a hot dog sandwich could be solicited for one-mill contributions, there is no question as to what would happen to the Jean Baptiste Roy house at 615 North Second Street.  Funds many times over the sum required would roll in from the Fifth Ward, from Sauk Center, from Montmarte, Nome, Beacon Hill, Indonesia--from everywhere.  The old house's every last stick and stone would be tenderly moved to the riverfront park, there to be set up as a shrine to which its benefactors might come as pilgrims through the centuries.
   Skip fur trader Roy.  He merely built the house on land bought from Pierre Chouteau, Jr.  The chaps who counted were subsequent owners, John Boepple and William Tamme, butchers.  They dreamed up the hot dog there, so the antiquarians aver, and all mankind owes them an unpayable debt.  If the National Park Service and the City Hall know a historic building when they see one, they will collaborate to move the old house whole or at least transfer it piece by piece.  As a place of interest on the riverfront, the butcher shop of Boepple & Tamme would be miles ahead of monumental buildings costing thousands of times more.--_St. Louis Post-Dispatch_.

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