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This is pronounced "yo (as in yo-ho-ho and a bottle of rum) + "ee" as
in "peek")? That's all I can get out of [jooj], allthough the "oo"
(in place of [o:] adds even more mystery.

If [j] equals the "j" of "judge" and "oo" equals the "oo" of "moose,"
I might get "jooj" (is that right?), but why the brackets?


And all along I thought it would be zhuzh...

For those of you who have been watching/citing Queer Eye For The Straight

The official spelling according to the Bravo website:

In Case You Were Wondering
TJUZS: [jooj] verb
Technical term used in regards to personal
fashion. To tweak, to arrange, to place, as in
pushing sleeves up the forearm or stretching out
a collar on a knit shirt to make it look worn and
less "out of the box."


This needs to be nominated in some category or other for next January's

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