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Geoff Nathan said:
At 10:44 AM 9/23/2003 -0400, you wrote:

I think we should all make an effort to not use such programs,
or at least to figure out how to defeat their nannyisms. It
really does interfere with our ability to have proper discussions
about these topics

In defence of Eudora 5.1, which I use all the time, it's very easy to
turn the Nanny off, and you can say anything any time you like and
the program won't notice.  I have a colleague named Marie Draper
Dykes, and I very quickly got tired of Eudora flagging every message
that she sent me, not to mention every message that mentioned her.
She just rolls her eyes...


PS  Instructions on how to turn it off available upon request.

Wotthehell, Geoff, let's just tell them to check the MoodWatcher
settings panel. I have mine set to alert but not to nag, because I
find it amusing to see what words the program is programmed to altert
you about.

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