Yammish (sweet potato knish)

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Wed Sep 24 01:52:42 UTC 2003

   The NEW YORK PRESS "Best of New York 2003" issue has come out.  The 
VILLAGE VOICE will have its version in about two weeks.
   As I've said before, NEW YORK PRESS (and its new publication, NEW YORK 
SPORTS EXPRESS) has some faux hip writing that's just mean and unnecessary.  The 
selections are not attributed to a specific writer, and that's probably wise.  
Some of the text mentions drug use, working for porn magazines, shoplifting 
and other activities, completely "gratuitous" for any "Best Of" issue you'll 
ever read.
   There's a Food & Drinks "Best Of," of course.  
   "Yammish" doesn't have many Google hits, but it might be worth noting.
Best 24-Hour Yammish
H&H Midtown Bagels East
1551 2nd Ave. (betw. 80th & 81st Sts.), 212-734-7441
Wishes upon all those knishes. For native New Yorkers, there are only three 
types of knishes: potato, kasha and sweet potato. Sure there are spinach, 
broccoli and even cheese and fruit-filled knishes—but we leave them for the 
tree-hugging types. While we always enjoy the potato, and no one can argue with 
kasha, our favorite is the "yammish"—the sweet potato knish. For what is sweet 
potato, if not a type of yam?
The Romanian Rabbi Yonah Schimmel was the first to grasp the importance of 
the sweet potato delicacy, and his store has sold untold numbers since opening 
on Houston St. in 1910. But they’re not available to us 24 hours a day, leaving 
vampire types hanging and hungry late at night. 
Over to our friends at H&H Midtown Bagels East, where the gracious staff 
(especially manager Zahid Hassan) understands us when we order a yammish. They 
heat it up just right, allowing us to slice it in half and shmear that mustard 
right in the middle. Nothing tastes as sweet—especially since they’re delivered 
directly from Yonah Schimmel! They also carry a full line of bagels and 
pastries, baked fresh, 24 hours a day.

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