"Suck up and kick down" (1997)

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Wed Sep 24 07:23:22 UTC 2003

"Look, he was a Rhodes Scholar.  They suck upwards and kick downwards."
--Andrew Sullivan today on Wesley Clark, at www.andrewsullivan.com

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Subject: Re: Eleventh Century Islam
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Date: 2001-11-06 07:11:05 PST
  From John Reed to Archie Bunker, so to speak. From "let'scrush the
parasitic rich" to "let's crush the parasitic poor". Suck upwards, kick downwards. In
Europe we used to call that fascism.....

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Subject: Re: Manufactured grievances? (Was: Re: Isreal.....)
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Date: 2003-08-14 02:00:51 PST
The formulation "suck upwards, kick downwards" hit the spot, she actually got
it. My finest hour :-)

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Subject: Re: Tom Holub is a big white supremacist (was Re: something)
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Date: 1998/06/18
> Remember Newton's third law "Kick down and suck up". In that aspect> I
guess you made some notches on the clue ladder thanks to the above> comment.

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Subject: Re: Help how can I get this nettrek game
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Date: 1998/01/18
   However if your team loses and a player got high numbers tof,acc,cak and
def quickly post a letter where you clearly pointout, that apart frm generally
sucky team play, the reason that your team lost was because of mr. Suck here,
just look his stats, I mean was he bought by the other team? Remember Newton's
2nd law; kick down and suck up.

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Subject: Re: Bums in the woodwork.
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Date: 1997/07/11
This was just another right wing attack on the poor and: >helpless.  Of
course, you whiney right wingers all suck up and kick down.

> T. Remember the motto of all successful journalists: "Suck up and kick
> down."

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