Celery Salt (1874)

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   Kraig said his research shows that Italian and Greek hot dog stand vendors
competed for business by loading up a dog with more stuff back around 1920.
This explains why a Chicago-style hot dog has traditional German elements
(mustard, celery salt and sour pickles) in addition to Mediterranean add-ons
(tomatoes, hot peppers, relish).
--CHICAGO TRIBUNE, September 5, 2003 (previously posted)

   "Celery salt" (from 1876) was posted in the archives.  This citation is a
little earlier.  It's listed as a "new invention."
   From my CINCINNATI ENQUIRER search today.  Again, John Mariani's
ENCYCLOPEDIA OF AMERICAN FOOD AND DRINK (1999) states that "celery salt" was first
advertised in the 1897 Sears, Roebuck catalog.  He's never wrong.

   14 May 1874, CINCINNATI ENQUIRER, pg. 5, col. 2:
      _Royal Celery Salt._
   This is a new invention, and consists of desiccated or prepared Celery,
put up in a powdered form, so that we may now really have this delicious relish
on our tables the year round.
   The Royal Baking Powder Co., N. Y., are sole proprietors and patentees of
this new condiment.  It is put up in elegant cruets, and sold by grocers for
25 cents each.  The bottle alone is worth the money.

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