Hooker & JoJo (Potatoes)

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Sun Sep 28 00:23:11 UTC 2003

   Happy (Jewish) New Year.
   Just back from a visit with the family...My cousin has two beautiful,
smart daughters.  One is a junior at Yale.  The other--17 and more of a knockout
than Cameron Diaz--just scored 760 and 800 on her SATs.  She's applying to
Yale.  Lucky Yale!  Hot dog!  That school would be nothing without me and my


   Yes, "hooker" is wrong again today.  Does someone hide dictionaries and
internet search engines from journalists?  And when a newspaper is informed of
an error, can't they simply correct it?
   Do you have to sue them to tell the truth?

   27 September 2003, NEW YORK POST, pg. 19, col. 1:
_Spare the Blushes_
_At the National Mall_
   IF Abaham Lincoln had been looking out over the National Mall on Sept. 4,
he would have seen a gyrating Britney Spears being partially undressed by male
dancers in Redskins jerseyd.
   So when Lincoln looked out on the Mall, what did he see?
   And swarms of prostitutes.  Union Gen. Joe Hooker, while refitting the
Army of the Potomac in Washington, tried mightily to chase them away from his
soldiers.  (For his troubles, his name became a slang common noun for
practitioners of the oldest profession.)
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   Still no CHICAGO TRIBUNE or PUCK from ProQuest.  Only about 10 more months
until August, when promised.
   NYU now has FACTIVA available again, without need for an NYU ID.  Here's
"jojo potatoes," FWIW.  A Seattle, Washington specialty?

Goldenrod eggs breakfast from past
Marcia O. Burg
958 words
9 May 1990
Colorado Springs Gazette Telegraph

DEAR MARCIA: Can you provide me with a recipe  for Jo-Jo potatoes, which I
tasted in Springfield, Mo.?   - Mary Browning, Colorado Springs

The last time we published a method for making these  crispy browned wedges -
Sept. 28, 1988 - I understood the  dish was a Seattle Wash., specialty.
Apparently it's gone  national!


6 large unpeeled baking potatoes, thoroughly scrubbed

Salad oil

Garlic salt, paprika and/or other herbs or herb mixtures  (no monosodium

Halve potatoes lengthwise, then cut each half in 4 wedges. Parboil 5 minutes;
drain well, and brush cut surfaces lightly  with oil. Sprinkle with
seasonings and bake in preheated  350-degree oven till tender, golden brown and crisp.
Serve  hot as a snack or side dish.

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