Flappers' Dictionary (September 1922)

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   I was searching the Ancestry.com newspapers for "Fluky" and "Chicago" and
"mustard" and this nice "Flappers' Dictionary" came up.

   14 September 1922, EDWARDSVILLE INTELLIGENCER (Edwardsville, Illinois),
pg. 4?, col. 4:
   _The Flappers' Dictionary._
Shifter:  A Grafter.
Lemon-squeezer:  Subway car.
Dipe-ducat:  A subway ticket.
Snugglepup:  A young man who attends petting parties.
Petting Party:  A party devoted to hugging.
Fire-Alarm:  A divorce woman.
Police Dog:  Young man to whom one is engaged.
Cuddie-cootie:  Young man who takes girl riding on a bus or in a Ford.
Stander:  Victim of a female grafter.
Slat:  A young man.
Blouse:  To go, as, "Let's blouse."
Cake-basket:  A limousine.
Dimbox:  A taxicab.
Dropping the Pilot:  Getting a divorce.
Noodle juice:  Tea.  (Not in RHHDAS?--ed.)
Dogs:  Feet.
Dog Kennels:  Pair of Shoes.
Cake-eater:  Harmless lounge-lizard.
Lounge-Lizard:  An expert gent on the sofa; a society man.
Oil Can:  Unsophisticated young man.
Flat-wheeler:  One who is stingy or broke.
Crape-hanger:  A reformer.
Wheeping Willow:  Same as crape hanger.
Nosebaggery:  A restaurant.  (Not in RHHDAS, but it has "nosebag" from
Finale-hopper:  Young man who arrives after everything is paid for.
Nut-cracker:  Policeman's nightstick.
Stilts:  Legs.
Boob-tickler:  Flapper who has to entertain her father's customers from out
of town.
Monologuist:  Young man  who hates to talk about himself.
Sweetie:  Anybody a flapper hates.
Hates:  Loves.
Obituary notice:  Dunning letter.
Face Stretcher:  Old maid who tries to look young.
Apple sauce:  Flattery.
Necker:  Young man who holds flapper's check to his neck in dancing.
Corn-shredder:  Young man who dances on his partner's feet.
Dumbell:  A dumb guy.
Dumdora:  A dumb girl.
Lalapazazer:  A good sport.
Whangdoodle:  Jazz band music.
Edisoned:  Being asked a lot of questions.
Father Time:  Any man over 30 years of age.
Pillow Case:  Young man who is full of feathers.
Feathers:  Light conversation.
Rock of Ages:  Any woman over 30 years of age.
Strike breaker:  Young woman who goes with her friend's steady while there is
a coolness.
Show case:  Rich man's wife with her jewels.
Hen coop:  A beauty parlor.
Mad money:  Money she takes along to pay carfare home in case of a row.
Airdale:  A Homely man.
Bean picker:  One who patches up trouble and picks up spilled beans.
Cancelled stamp:  A wall flower.
Walk in:  Young man who goes to party without being invited.
Mustard Plaster:  Unwelcome guy who sticks around.
Sod-buster:  An undertaker.
Smith Brothers:  Guys who never cough up.
Blushing Violet:  A publicity hound.
Cellar-smeller:  Prohibition enforcement officer.
Umbrella:  Young man any girl can borrow for an evening.
Johnnie Walker:  Guy who never hires a cab.
Orchid:  Anything that is expensive.
His blue serge:  His sweetheart.
Hand cuff:  Engagement ring.
Eye-opener:  A marriage.
Embalmer:  A bootlegger.
Fire-extingujisher:  A chaperone.
Whiskbroom:  Any man who wears whiskers.
Crubber:  One who always borrows cigarettes.
Fluky:  Funny, odd, peculiar, different.
Barneymugging:  Love making.
Munitions:  Face Powder and rouge.
Trotzky:  Old lady white mustache and chin whiskers.
Absent treatment:  Dancing with bashful partner.

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