Root Beer Float, Chop Suey Sundae (1906)

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   OED has 1915 for "ice cream float."  "Float" is not mentioned at all in
   "Chop Suey Sundae" was one of the more popular of the soda fountain treats
in the early 1900s.  It's perhaps useful for the word study of "chop suey."

   7 June 1906, TRENTON TIMES (Trenton, New Jersey), pg. 5?, col. 6:
      _New Drinks at Our Fountain_
      _A Few of the New Ones:_
_Chop Suey Sundae, 5c._
   A great one.  Why not come and see just what it is?  Immensely popular all
last week.
_Trenton Trilby, Delicious, 5c._
   Another new to this city.  Ger acquainted with Trilby.
_Root Beer Float, 5c._
   The name will give you some idea of it, but it takes a taste to give you
full apreciation.
_Tutti-Frutti Ice Cream Soda, 5c._
   This week's new offering.
Philadelphia Grocery Co.

   3 August 1909, EVENING NEWS (Ada, Oklahoma), pg. 1, col. 6:
   Root Beer Float

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