Dorf (1967); Drug His Feet

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   The RHHDAS has 1975 for "dorf," from "Univ. Tenn. student."  I'm searching
Ancestry for teen slang.

   25 April 1967, CHRONICLE-TELEGRAM (Elyria, Ohio), pg. 10?, col. 4:
_Lynda Bird Johnson gives_
_glossary of hip new slang_
   Know what it means to "seek the sheets?"  Are you a "dorf?"  What's a
"closet case?"  Who's an "animal?"  Like "straight skinny?"  Have you ever "tubed
a test?"
   These, good buddies, are examples of contemporary college jargon according
to Lynda Bird Johnson, elder daughter of the president.
   In an article in the current issue of McCall's magazine Miss Johnson
provides a 16-(illegilbe--ed.) phrase glossary of campus slang for parents who find
it difficult to communicate with their children.
   For your info:  seek the sheets means to crawl in bed, go to sleep; a dorf
is a clod, nerd--an inept or unpleasant person; a closet case is a friend,
usually someone of the opposite sex, whom you don't want someone else to meet.
   An animal? that's an athlete or someone who looks muscle-bound.  Straight
skinny? the plain truth.  Tube a test? do poorly on an exam.


   During the Jets Cowboys game on Sunday, from tv announcer Dick Stockton:

   "He dragged his feet.  I can't say drug, because that's not a word."

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