ADS/LSA hotel rates

paulzjoh paulzjoh at MTNHOME.COM
Mon Sep 29 22:27:59 UTC 2003

Yes BUT,
Shouldn't the sponsoring group negotiate the best price?  And why can't they
go back to the hotel and renegotiate on information about prices in nearby

I'm not involved here, but all too often no one price checks these
convention hotels.  You always hear, "They always treat us nice there"  "It
was a good price last year", or the year before or what ever. Sometimes the
society's travel agent is lazy or has a special relationship with certain

In this age of price cutting net sites it doesn't seem unreasonable to be
more aggressive when booking a meeting.

> Dear Ron and all,
> As you can see from Ron's message, you can save money.  What you can't see
> from his message is the effect of this action on the LSA.  The LSA has
> guaranteed a certain number of room nights in its contract with the
> hotel.  If it does not meet this number, it must pay penalty fees.  So if
> attendees all book in a different hotel or even in the conference hotel
> through websites like Orbitz, etc., the organization is penalized.  Which
> in turn means higher conference fees for you in the future.  Organizations
> all over the country are being majorly affected by their members bypassing
> normal conference sign-up procedures.  Please give this a thought before
> trying an alternative.
> Thanks.
> Luanne v S
> (speaking as administrator of a sister learned society)

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