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Geoffrey S. Nathan an6993 at WAYNE.EDU
Tue Sep 30 03:26:22 UTC 2003

At 03:45 PM 9/29/03 -0700, you wrote:
>but the lsa -- at the direction of its members -- searches for a hotel
>that can accommodate *all* of its meetings under one roof.  this
>drastically narrows the pool of available hotels (and available cities,
>for that matter).  and the hotels are chosen years in advance.

Speaking in defence of Maggie Reynolds, Executive Director of LSA, whose
work I know, I can assure everyone on this list that the price she
negotiated was the lowest possible one given the conflicting constraints
that have been discussed in the last few messages.  Maggie is always able
to secure excellent prices in expensive markets.  We've stayed at
remarkable hotels (such as the Hyatt Regency in San Francisco) for way
under the rack rate, and it is rare to even break $100.  To get a rate of
$109 for that hotel, in downtown Boston, for several hundred people, is
quite an accomplishment, I assure you.

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