Re: * * * Re: * * * ADS/LSA hotel rates

Beth Simon simon at IPFW.EDU
Tue Sep 30 15:33:23 UTC 2003

the hilton may have reconsidered.

(which is not to say I called them, but) the lowest price they were
willing to do last Friday was 98 per, plus a nonrefundable $3.50 booking
fee. they suggested that the $93.+ , that Ron mentioned was only on that
day, etc.)

(I didn't book there)


>>> AAllan at AOL.COM 9/29/2003 9:22:36 PM >>>
Ron writes,

> I can't imagine that this is somehow a new situation, as Luanne's
> seems to imply. Surely people have opted for cheaper hotel rooms in
the past
> when the quality was the same and the convenience was no different.
> And I can't believe that people will pass up considerable savings in
> because they fear that their conference registration fees may go up a
> dollars in the future.
It is a new situation, as a matter of fact, brought about by the
availability of hotel discount websites. And the volatility of rate

It's a problem, if not a crisis, for many many organizations and
hotels. How
it sorts out will probably be decided by much bigger players than LSA,
we'll all be affected. - Allan Metcalf

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