Beth on ADS/LSA hot el rates

RonButters at AOL.COM RonButters at AOL.COM
Tue Sep 30 16:01:00 UTC 2003

I booked my room on the national Hilton web site, not by calling the hotel.
Usually, rates are lower on the web site. I also requested a AAA discount,
which helps. There was no booking fee. I see in reading my downloaded reservation
agreement, however, that the rate I was quoted did NOT include taxes. So my
room rate ends up being slightly more than $105.00 per night. This is not much
of a savings over the Sheraton conference rate. However, mine is a "deluxe"
room; they also had cheaper rooms (as I recall, $88 plus tax). I spoke yesterday
with someone who was responsible for booking rooms for several people at the
conference; he went for the cheapest rate and found that he saved several
hundred dollars total for his group by booking at the Hilton.

If I were the LSA, I would be in contact with the Sheraton right now,
pointing out that, if LSA does not make its quota, it is because they are charging
significantly more than the (perhaps "slightly" less "nice" hotel across the
street). Maybe the Sheraton will come down in their price if this is pointed out
to them.

In a message dated 9/30/03 11:33:50 AM, simon at IPFW.EDU writes:

> the hilton may have reconsidered.
> (which is not to say I called them, but) the lowest price they were
> willing to do last Friday was 98 per, plus a nonrefundable $3.50 booking
> fee. they suggested that the $93.+ , that Ron mentioned was only on that
> day, etc.)
> (I didn't book there)
> \beth

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