Fw: Brand naming kids

Sean Fitzpatrick grendel.jjf at VERIZON.NET
Thu Apr 1 12:29:44 UTC 2004

In 1975 my sister spent a med school rotation assisting at a school clinic in the Bahamas.  She reported that parents sometimes picked elegant names from billboards, including "Cola" and "Modess".

On the related matter of vogue names, my wife maintains that girls are using diminutives less, is in anticipation of their achieving high-power positions.  Is there any research on this? 
(I think she is overgeneralizing from the fact that our elder daughter, Elizabeth, doesn't have a nickname; the reason is that none of the available diminutives could garner a majority vote.  Katherin Ellen, on the other hand, has been "Katie" from the git-go, and she signs herself with her "call letters", KTLN ("Station KTLN--24-hour, all-babble radio!").

Seán Fitzpatrick
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