Gliterature or Glitterature

Laurence Horn laurence.horn at YALE.EDU
Thu Apr 1 15:47:06 UTC 2004

At 5:14 AM -0500 4/1/04, Bapopik at AOL.COM wrote:
>    Literature of the Glitterati.
>    From Wednesday's NEW YORK DAILY NEWS, 31 March 2004 (forgot to copy page):
>_Elaine's place in gliterature_
>    Two photos in A. E. Hotchner's new book "Everyone Comes to Elaine's" say
>it all.  The first is of William Styron, Frank Conroy and Irwin
>Shaw--young and
>full of promise--raising their glasses at the Second Ave. joint that's as
>storied as their books.
>      There aren't many Google hits for it yet.  Is it Gliterature or

Interesting that "gliterature" wins in the Google race.  I'd guess
this blend is based largely on the earlier "glitterati", which I've
usually seen with a double-t.  In fact a Google race on those shows
the double-t version winning in a landslide, 34,500 to 452.  But then
"literature" is more established in the English lexicon than
"literati" is.


>Has Mariah Carey (the movie GLITTER) published her film diary?
>      Is it Literature that comes up on a Google search?  (Has "glitter" been
>used this Google + Litter way?)
>GLITERATURE--40 Google hits, 0 Google Groups hits
>GLITTERATURE--7 Google hits, 1 Google Groups hit
>Nevada State Journal - 4/22/1953
>...George Stevens epic Meyer Berger's New York GLITTERATURE in the N. Y.
>Times. Sounds in..
>Reno, Nevada Wednesday, April 22, 1953  754 k

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