Sure as God made little green apples (1892?)

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    The NEW YORK SUN asked city leaders if and when there would be another
terrorist attack on New York City.  One person responded that an attack was just
as certain as God made little green apples.
   Little green apples?  This is proof of the certainty of God?
   I'm familiar with the song, and it don't rain in Indianapolis.  Does this
date to 1892?  Before?

Sheboygan Press - 9/25/1935
...Manitowoc, "Just as certain as GOD MADE LITTLE GREEN APPLES the city is
going into.....from tho county board, A county cannot be MADE dependent in a
garnishment action.....sold, and later, when interest payments are MADE, to flic
the coupons, and when the bonds.....from the national government which may be
MADE available to Wisconsin and turns the..
Sheboygan, Wisconsin Wednesday, September 25, 1935  939 k

Sheboygan Press - 5/23/1934 Simile, 1892 "Just as sure as GOD MADE LITTLE GREEN APPLES." Yowzah
Dear W. J. P.....Bankers' association, who in a telegram MADE public on the first
anniversary of do in a crisis. That was demonstrated a LITTLE over
a year ago. No state was able to.....must be eliminated, and the remaining
ones MADE of indispensable service. It might even..
Sheboygan, Wisconsin Wednesday, May 23, 1934  733 k
Page 10?:
_Simile, 1892_
   "Just as sure as God made little green apples."

Trenton Evening Times - 8/19/1920
...mobody but jest as' sure GOD grows, LITTLE GREEN APPLES, if do myduty."
"Does de-establish credJts. A'-call will be 'MADE .upon .our'
.mineral wealth and o.ur.....out of the wayA Bathers, he .said, do a LITTLE spooning
in bathing suits, on 'porches.....OR FORFEIT VOTE Announcement .-is MADE, by
the County. Board of Elections that..
Trenton, New Jersey   Thursday, August 19, 1920  875 k

Sheboygan Evening Press - 10/2/1912
...she is dressed for it. The Lord MADE LITTLE GREEN APPLES, but the Lord
knows who MADE.....alive into a dungeon un der the earth. But GOD recompense him
for his sorrow. He came.....Using Dupes By HATCH O'NEULL What a happy LITTLE
world this would be if we could only.....a tocok with ber toes. Probably it was
MADE up from footnotes. t The letter-carrier..
Sheboygan, Wisconsin Wednesday, October 02, 1912  765 k

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