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> Certainly Harry Caray popularized it.  Rizzuto also.
> If you read Paul Dickson's 1999 New Baseball Encyclopedia, he suggests that
> a Lisa Winston in 1994 in a USA article "concluded" it came from Jack
> Holiday, a New Orleans radio announcer for the Baseball Pelicans in the 1930's(I
> haven't read that article as yet).
> From the 28 May 1927 _Decatur(IL) Evening Herald_  7/3(NewspaperArchive)
> <<If Dan O'Leary were in the Three-Eye[class "B" league--ed.] yet, that
> stentorian bellow of his from the third base coaching line----"Holy cow, get a
> hit before the league blows up," would be fraught with dire significance.  But,
> we are assured, the league isn't going to "blow up", and ......>>

  The ADS-L archives has my posting--Holy Cow!:

   The RHHDAS has 1934 for "Holy cow!"  It's not used in a baseball setting
   11 March 1923, WASHINGTON POST, pg. 92:THE POTTERS  by J. P. McENVOY
BILL:  Bacon and eggs and toast and Jav'--Gosh, it's always the same old
PA:  What if it is?
BILL:  O, holy cow  I'm sick of bacon and tired of eggs!
MAMIE:  Give him some ficassed humming bird legs,  Or butterfly ankles...
PA:  Or oyster's knees.  Too bad about you and your bacon...
MA:  Please!  How many times do you have to be told?  Eat your vittles before
they're cold!


   From Sunday's NEW YORK POST, 4 April 2004, "Equal Time" by Phil Mushnick,
pg. 97:

   Baseball historian _Barry Popik_ has produced research indicating that 100
years ago this Wednesday, the Yankees likely first appeared in a newspaper as
the "Yankees."  While the team was known by several names--the Highlanders,
Hilltoppers, Invaders, Porchclimbers and, on occasion the Yankees--before
officially becoming the Yankees in 1913, Popik has a reproduced copy of the April
7, 1904 New York Evening Journal that, in a headline, refers to New York's
American League club as the "Yankees."

 (I wanted the actual page reproduced, like the TIMES did in a page one story
for George Thompson.  I guess there was no room after the Hamptons Crash Diet
story and the dead JFK Jr. celebrity story...I think he spelled my name
wrong.  Isn't it Bruce Kraig?--ed.)

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