Sandwich Spread (1920); Cheese Spread (1927)

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   We'll move on a bit from "dip" to "spread."  For some reason, the 
"sandwich lady" never asked me for this.   OED has 1938 for "sandwich spread."
   I'll tackle "spread" itself when it get to the NYU databases a bit later 
spread, n. 
   b. Any substance suitable for spreading on bread to make it tasty, such as 
paste or jam. orig. U.S. 
  1866 Hours at Home III. 507/2 A late rebel told me that, while with Lee 
upon the Gettysburgh campaign, he went to a farm-house one day and demanded some ‘
spread’, as they call marmalade in that matter-of-fact country. 1886 F. R. 
STOCKTON Casting away of Mrs. Lecks 40 There was some sort of jam left at the 
bottom, so that the one who gets the last biscuit will have some~thin' of a 
little spread on it. c1938, etc. [see sandwich spread s.v. SANDWICH n.2 3]. 1962 
M. DUFFY That's how it Was xiii. 107, I had to..mix up some chocolate spread 
from cocoa, sugar and a little milk. 1972 Daily Tel. 11 Nov. 2/7 There were 
increases of 3·41 per cent in the prices of jams, honey, and spreads.
sandwich, n.
c1938 Fortnum & Mason Price List 37/2 *Sandwich Spreadper glass 10d. 1950 A. 
WILSON Such Darling Dodos 134 Dainty bridge rolls filled with sandwich spread. 
1972 R. P. JHABVALA New Dominion I. 69 Your ketchupand this is something new
sandwich spreadI thought you'd like to try it for your tea.
Lima News - 6/30/1920   
...cans Vienna Style Sauce .SOc 1 can Delida SANDWICH SPREAD 35c 1 can Potted 
Meat 12c3..
Lima, Ohio Wednesday, June 30, 1920  719 k  
Gettysburg Times - 1/13/1921    
...them for, but are eterto the peanut SANDWICH SPREAD. Tbe the needs of 
Gettysburg, Pennsylvania Thursday, January 13, 1921  788 k      
Washington Post - 5/8/1921  
...with apple 'butter or jam makes a delicious SANDWICH SPREAD is clearly 
worn out by his..
Washington, District Of Columbia   Sunday, May 08, 1921  156 k      
Mexia Evening News - 7/16/1921  
...18 Saginaw Matches, box .07 Olive Paste .20 SANDWICH SPREAD .19 Anchovv 
Paste .32 Lobster..
Mexia, Texas Saturday, July 16, 1921  320 k     
Mexia Evening News - 7/20/1921  
...20-d4twl For your lunch you will like our SANDWICH SPREAD. Tidwell's. will 
deliver your.....of fancy groceries, lunch delicacies and SANDWICH makings in 
the city. handle..
Mexia, Texas Wednesday, July 20, 1921  397 k    
Coshocton Tribune - 3/16/1923   
...have unsurpassed quality. We also make a SANDWICH SPREAD that is 
exceptionally good..
Coshocton, Ohio Friday, March 16, 1923  685 k       
Coshocton Tribune - 4/13/1923   
...up meals, try a jar of Cooper's Home Made SANDWICH SPREAD, a little of our 
Coshocton, Ohio Friday, April 13, 1923  729 k       
Coshocton Tribune - 4/27/1923   
...Dressing. Home-Made Olivenaise. Home-Made SANDWICH SPREAD. Fresh Roasted 
Coshocton, Ohio Friday, April 27, 1923  829 k   
Wichita Daily Times - 4/29/1923     
...Sausage Summer Sausage Busy Bee Special SANDWICH SPREAD SARDINES Eighteen 
Wichita Falls, Texas Sunday, April 29, 1923  347 k      
Nashua Reporter - 7/26/1923     
...Inn Cooked Food, Potted Meat, Delkia SANDWICH SPREAD and Pimento Cheese 
for Phone..
Nashua, Iowa Thursday, July 26, 1923  700 k     
Fayetteville Daily Democrat - 11/15/1923 2 Deiicia Veal Loaf _-__._25c 2 Deiicia SANDWICH SPREAD 25c 2 Helicia 
Chili Con-Carni..
Fayetteville, Arkansas Thursday, November 15, 1923  499 k       
Decatur Daily Review - 5/13/1924    
...POTATOES Best Eating Stock Olive Butter, a SANDWICH SPREAD; threeounce 
glass Country.....Specially priced' at cacti. Silver Plated SANDWICH Plates, 98c 
each pl fo Exqaliite..
Decatur, Illinois Tuesday, May 13, 1924  548 k  
Lima News - 6/14/1924   
...You Sauce 23c Any Pkg. Coffee 39c 40c Sire SANDWICH SPREAD 23c Jet Oil 
Polish, 3 for..
Lima, Ohio Saturday, June 14, 1924  514 k   
Chronicle Telegram - 6/27/1924  
...Uoc 4ba. Bulk Cocoa Oata, pkg. .ioc Taste SANDWICH SPREAD Gluten Bread 
Made from The.....Del Monte PEARS 35i NO. 2 J-2 CAN RAJAH SANDWICH SPREAD 29i 0 
OX. JAR Pels Naptha.....Strictly Fresh Eggs, dozen iuc 1 lb. Golden SPREAD 
Butter 2 Ibs. Good Luck Butterine LOOK..
Elyria, Ohio Friday, June 27, 1924  607 k       
Coshocton Tribune - 6/27/1924   
...Feed 27c LEMONS 5. Doz.25c Country Club SANDWICH SPREAD Pink Salmon One 
Coshocton, Ohio Friday, June 27, 1924  688 k    
Decatur Daily Review - 5/30/1924    
...amp; Hart Berkshire Bacon, Ib. _ _34c SANDWICH SPREAD, large 40c jar 
Decatur, Illinois Friday, May 30, 1924  468 k       
Coshocton Tribune - 8/7/1924    
...OWENS COSHOCTON GROCERY Try our Home Made SANDWICH SPREAD for your picnic 
lunch. Our..
Coshocton, Ohio Thursday, August 07, 1924  730 k    
Decatur Evening Herald - 6/10/1927  
...16-ounce jar 23c PHE-NET PHENIX New CHEESE SPREAD, Fine Cheddar CHEESE 
plus valuable..
Decatur, Illinois Friday, June 10, 1927  577 k      
Frederick Post - 11/18/1927     
...Apples. .3 Ibs 19c Kraft's Xay CHEESE SPREAD. .jar 28c Phe-net CHEESE .V. 
.pkg 12c.....PICKED frying thickens 39c HAMBURG STEAK I CHEESE Ib20c Boneless 
Bacon (Any Quantity) lb.....23c L Philadelphia Cream CHEESE. .2 pkgs 25c r. 
fffrrtrttf rxntii mi..
Frederick, Maryland Friday, November 18, 1927  541 k     

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