Roaring Twenties (1923)

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   It apears so.
   The LOS ANGELES TIMES has 1929.

  4. a. Characterized by riotous or noisy revelry; full of din or noise. roaring days (Austral.), the time of the Australian gold-rush; also transf., hey-day; the roaring twenties, the third decade of the twentieth century (with reference to the postwar buoyancy of that period).
  a1715 BURNET Own Time (1766) I. 168 It was a mad roaring time full of extravagance. 1722 DE FOE Plague (Rtldg.) 88 Revelling and roaring extravagances. 1759 TOWNLEY High Life I, We'll have a roaring Night. 1822 W. IRVING Braceb. Hall vi. 49 A generation or two of hard-livers, that led a life of roaring revelry. 1865 DICKENS Mut. Fr. I. viii, We can hear one another better than in the roaring street. 1879 STEVENSON Trav. Cevennes (1886) 152 This roaring table d'hôte. 1897 H. LAWSON Coll. Verse (1967) I. 339 But these seem dull and slow to me compared with Roaring Days. 1921 M. E. FULLERTON Bark House Days (1931) xiv. 144 We loved the stories of the ‘roaring fifties’. 1930 Sat. Rev. 15 Mar. 328/1 The giants of the roaring 'twenties ought to be able to achieve glory of some sort in half as many years. 1936 ‘W. HATFIELD’ Australia through Wind Screen 53 In its roaring days ‘The Duchess’ was better than many a goldmine. 1973 Times 2 Mar. 14/2 The theme [of the ball] will be the roaring twenties. 1978 Dædalus Fall 30 For those belonging to the classes of the immediate post-World War I period, the massacre of the young officers..meant that countless positions..had become vacant in all spheres of society; this led to an ephemeral but marked shift to a more youthful establishment; hence, the Roaring Twenties.

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