Lost Wages (Las Vegas) (1951)

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   The HDAS has "Lost Wages" from 1961. The LOS ANGELES TIMES should be able to do better.  Newspaperarchive (which has Nevada newspapers) has "Lost Wages" from 1959.
   Bugsy Siegel began his famous Flamingo Hotel and Casino in 1946, so we shouldn't expect to see much earlier than the below citations.

Store Manager Admits $15,000 Embezzlement
Los Angeles Times (1886-Current File). Los Angeles, Calif.: Sep 5, 1951. p. 22 (1 page):
   "I am a victim of the horses.  In the last two years I have lost about $40,000 at 'Lost Wages, Nev.' and Del Mar.  Of this I embezzled $15,000 from my employers and the balance I obtained from various loans in the city."
   Heineman said "Lost Wages" was a reference to Las Vegas.

Farmers Market Tomorrow
Mrs. Fred Beck. Los Angeles Times (1886-Current File). Los Angeles, Calif.: Apr 26, 1953. p. 2 (1 page) :
   THE Farmers Market has a friend who is a permanent resident at The Flamingo, a hotel located in Las Vegas, or, as the radio comedians call it, "Lost Wages, Nevada."

Tanned and Faded, Both on Same Day
Los Angeles Times (1886-Current File). Los Angeles, Calif.: Apr 14, 1961. p. 26 (1 page):
   YOU'VE GOT IT!  We're speaking of "Lost Wages" (alias Las Vegas) which has been nicknamed (by the winners) "the happiest entertainment mecca in the West," and (by the losers) the "Pimple on the Desert."

Lima News -  1/14/1960
...Jury.' The wise guys tried to bury "LOST WAGES, NEV." five years ago but it's still..
Lima,  Ohio     Thursday, January 14, 1960   715 k

Lima News -  7/21/1959
...1959 Ohioan On Broadway Earl Wilson LOST WAGES, NEV." Us old-timers are always.....coat. THE MIDNIGHT EARL IN N.Y. Toots Shor LOST 12 pounds in three days in Harkness..
Lima,  Ohio     Tuesday, July 21, 1959   1037 k

Reno Evening Gazette -  7/20/1962
...island of Kyushu. ago referred to "LOST WAGES, NEVADA." FACILITIES FOR PARTIES FROM 5.....Kento ftg natjonal Caldwell has been named NEVADA." nedy has the JFK's-very cheerful..
Reno,  Nevada     Friday, July 20, 1962   500 k

Times Recorder -  8/3/1967
...slot in the city that somebody called LOST WAGES, NEVADA. Howard Hughes has added to the..
Zanesville,  Ohio     Thursday, August 03, 1967   729 k

Lima News -  7/25/1962
...since some joker long ago referred to "LOST WAGES. NEVADA." The great recovery of Joe..
Lima,  Ohio     Wednesday, July 25, 1962   911 k

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