All else fails, read the directions (1957); Can't carry a tune in a bucket (1933)

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   Two more before a week of work and Passover.


FAILS, READ THE DIRECTIONS--781 Google hits, 5,790 Google Groups hits

   A very popular saying that Fred Shapiro should record.

Walla Walla Union Bulletin - 5/1/1957
...It Jobs By ANDREW C. LANG "When all ELSE FAILS, READ THE DIRECTIONS." Many follow instructions. Yet a customer who FAILS to get THE full value from a purchase.....This requirements is stated clearly in THE DIRECTIONS on every can, not to mention THE.....adaptations of Japanese ideas. Many Ignore DIRECTIONS and Have Trouble in Fix..
Walla Walla, Washington   Wednesday, May 01, 1957  529 k

Grease Pit Here to Stay Despite Auto Advances; Why Take a Chance? Look for Trouble The Fine Print
By DOUGLAS ROBINSON. New York Times (1857-Current file). New York, N.Y.: Apr 14, 1963. p. 520 (1 page):
   As one auto expert said recently:
   "When all else fails, read the directions."


CARRY A TUNE IN A BUCKET--2,500 Google hits, 2,200 Google groups hits

   But that's enough about my wife Jennifer Lopez.

Coshocton Tribune - 10/21/1949 miisic? Even if you j cAn't CARRY A TUNE IN A BUCKET or tell which end of A.....comes out, you surely hAve j some fAvorite TUNE. If vou would like to know more About.....bed" IN the drAwer the night before, Awoke IN the mornINg And climbed IN with it.....treAted to A pArAde of 15 oi j Another rung IN thAt chAmpioni :he most beAutiful girls IN..
Coshocton, Ohio   Friday, October 21, 1949  956 k

Courier - 10/18/1938
...Then there's Jiggs CAIN, who cAn't CARRY A TUNE IN A BUCKET but who cAn reAlly wAltz.....this yeAr. A lengthy scrimmAge ended IN A 6 to 6 tie IN which Les RichArds counted.....the Southwest conference rAce. SMU lAnded IN 14th plAce IN this week's rAnkINg witri 69.....INternAtionAl All-events chAmpionship, won IN the 1936 Olympics IN BerlIN. MArINo will..
Champaign, Illinois   Tuesday, October 18, 1938  662 k

Independent Record - 9/26/1946
...ono note from Another And cAn't CARRY A TUNE IN A BUCKET. thINk you sINg right nice.....schoolmAtes. U. S. trAffic deAth record IN 1941 wAs highest IN the nAtion's delivered to Jutcville, where it stood IN the pArlor IN pitiful contrAst to the.....Lillie eAger to heAr of Violet's progress IN school or to listen to the newest but IN..
Helena, Montana   Thursday, September 26, 1946  576 k

. A Garrison Report.
Reg. U.S. Pat. Off.By JOHN KIERAN.. New York Times (1857-Current file). New York, N.Y.: Apr 14, 1933. p. 27 (1 page):
   Lieutenant Garrison Holt Davidson, Corps of Engineers, is not musical.  He is emphatic about that.
   "I couldn't carry a tune in a bucket," he said.

. All Gone, Cap'n!"
By Horace Reynolds. Christian Science Monitor (1908-Current file). Boston, Mass.: Nov 14, 1942. p. WM9 (2 pages)
Fist page:  ...if you ask them to sing, they 'low they couldn't carry a tune in a bucket with a cover on it.

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