Holy Cow(baseball) origin?

Sam Clements SClements at NEO.RR.COM
Tue Apr 6 02:33:24 UTC 2004

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> Sam Clements writes:

Mitigating against it being Dan-O'Leary-the-major-leaguer
>             (militating? -- MAM)

> is his reported death in 1922.

M-W says, under "mitigate" :  [Mitigate is sometimes used as an
intransitive(followed by against) where militate might be expected.  even
though Faulkner used it<some intangible and invisible social force that
mitigates against him--William Faulkner> and one critic thinks it should be
called an American idiom, it is usu. considered a mistake.]

Since Bill isn't around to speak for himself, I'll just say that he was
positively 'brilliant'.  YMMV.

Sam Clements

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