"If you want to find sympathy, it's in the dictionary between..." (1858!)

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"I'm begging you for a little sympathy."
--Fleetwood Mac, "Say You Love Me"
   Yeah, I'm really kidding about working 10 hours everyday in a room with no 
air.  It was 8:30 a.m. to 7:30 p.m. today.  
    We have a handicapped judge who uses a wheelchair.  Today, he did the 
parking ticket hearings of several deaf people.  "They're all playing dumb 
today," he told me.  "They won't get any sympathy from me.  You know where to find 
sympathy, don't you?"
   No, I didn't know where to find sympathy.
   "You can find 'sympathy' in the dictionary, between 'shit' and 'syphilis."
FIND SYMPATHY + DICTIONARY + SYPHILIS--95 Google hits, 485 Google Groups hits
   Some web sites attribute "sympathy" to Aristotle Onassis (1969).  We can 
do better at finding sympathy.
4687. Aristotle Onassis. Simpson’s Contemporary Quotations. 1988
... s got to learn to reconcile herself to being Mrs Aristotle Onassis 
because the only
place she’ll find sympathy from now on is in the dictionary between shit ... 
www.bartleby.com/63/87/4687.html - 18k - Cached - Similar pages 
Anecdote - Aristotle Socrates Onassis - Sympathy
... being Mrs. Onassis," Aristotle declared, "because the only place she'll 
find sympathy
from now on is in the dictionary between shit and syphilis." ["Jacqueline ... 

www.anecdotage.com/index.php?aid=10725 - 13k - Cached - Similar pages 
SMELL HALO ***!!! - Online Gamers Guild | Forums | Doom III
... dont expect my sympathy ladies! you want sympathy, look it up in the 
between s*** and sufferless, there you will find sympathy! -major payne. ... 
www.ogguild.com/ link.asp?TOPIC_ID=348&view=lasttopic - 53k - Cached - 
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Some Of RWN's Favorite Pro-Wrestling Quotes - Right Wing News ...
... were a kid?" -- Roddy Piper. "You'll find sympathy in the dictionary
between sh*t and suicide." - Roddy Piper. "I'm gonna stick your ... 
www.rightwingnews.com/quotes/wres.php - 21k - Cached - Similar pages 

T Shirt Collection [rec.humor.funny]
... I'd rather be pissed off than pissed on. -You can find sympathy between 
shit and
syphilis in the dictionary. -When in charge, ponder. When in doubt, mumble. 
www.netfunny.com/rhf/jokes/89q2/shirts.459.html - 11k - Cached - Similar 

Portsmouth Times - 3/1/1859     
...dar is one place you can always FIND SYMPATHY." Whar shouted several. "In 
dc.....fair, her men as honest as you'll generally FIND her cirls past all 
OF AUTHORS. SPECIAL attention paid.....when there were no printers, and you 
will FIND that the whole world was enveloped in..
Portsmouth, Ohio Tuesday, March 01, 1859  819 k     
Coshocton Democrat - 5/22/1866  
...errors. Where can the molt miserable FIND SYMPATHY? In the DICTIONARY. To 
a lover there.....Will be _ __ .1 to tee her old friends, FIND Ladies of this 
vicinitr, who any tMnp in..
Coshocton, Ohio Tuesday, May 22, 1866  909 k    
Decatur Weekly Republican - 4/3/1879    
...dar is one place when; you can always FIND SYMPATHY." v.'har'.'" i-ried 
scvor.il.....In de DICTIONARY." lie n plied, rolling eyes..
Decatur, Illinois Thursday, April 03, 1879  446 k   
Newark Advocate - 12/26/1901    
...of stylo, and the only place you can FIND SYMPATHY now is inthe DICTIONARY
. New York..
Newark, Ohio Thursday, December 26, 1901  891 k     
Newark Advocate - 12/20/1902    
...of style, and the only place you can FIND SYMPATHY now is In tbe 
DICTIONARY. On a.....the same thought. I have compiled a DICTIONARY of the language of 
arctic tribes..
Newark, Ohio Saturday, December 20, 1902  916 k     
Indiana Progress - 5/17/1905    
...in the season. Joker says Gates can FIND SYMPATHY in only one place the 
DICTIONARY.....yourself than I can. If you do you will FIND you are mistaken 
after it is too late..
Indiana, Pennsylvania Wednesday, May 17, 1905  595 k    
Indiana Weekly Messenger - 5/17/1905    
...in the season. Joker says Gates can FIND SYMPATHY only in one place the 
Indiana, Pennsylvania Wednesday, May 17, 1905  584 k    
Mansfield News - 6/18/1910  
...misery 'Still unrecognized Where can I FIND SYMPATHY? Unsympathetic In the 
Mansfield, Ohio Saturday, June 18, 1910  825 k      
Washington Post - 5/16/1916     
...D IL THARPS two places you can always FIND SYMPATHY in the DICTIONARY in a 
pipe of 3OE.....Sweet's role Is one that fairly teems with SYMPATHY. She 
imperson ates a daughter of a..
Washington, District Of Columbia   Tuesday, May 16, 1916  741 k     
Appleton Post Crescent - 1/18/1926  
...of was the fellow who couldn't even FIND SYMPATHY in the DICTIONARY 
because he didn't..
Appleton, Wisconsin Monday, January 18, 1926  787 k     
Appleton Post Crescent - 1/10/1929  
...HM down cold and told roe I could FIND SYMPATHY in th'e DICTIONARY, bat 
looked all..
Appleton, Wisconsin Thursday, January 10, 1929  776 k   
Reno Evening Gazette - 1/14/1929    
...me down cold and told me I could FIND SYMPATHY in the DICTIONARY, but I've 
looked.....per month. One 4-room unfurnished house FIND KtirnKe. 22R1., 
Wnshlim'.on, Keys at..
Reno, Nevada Monday, January 14, 1929  727 k    
Reno Evening Gazette - 4/21/1933    
...to have them back again. best place to FIND SYMPATHY to under the s's In 
the 'DICTIONARY.....it Home Rule, N. S. W., Is excited over the FIND by a 
cricketer of a gold nugget near his..
Reno, Nevada Friday, April 21, 1933  868 k      
Chronicle Telegram - 8/2/1935   
...with a married man is not going to FIND SYMPATHY anywhere but in the 
DICTIONARY. She.....poorly paid office girl seems to be able to FIND funds for pop 
or chocolate sodas. The.....Who Runs Around With Married Man Forfeits SYMPATHY 
By MARIAN MAYS MARTIN A GIRL who.....important thing is to FIND out our needs 
and to try to meet them..
Elyria, Ohio Friday, August 02, 1935  1091 k    
Salisbury Times - 2/5/1957  
...Dad says the only place he can FIND SYMPATHY is in the. DICTIONARY." 
Salisbury, Maryland Tuesday, February 05, 1957  614 k       
Nevada State Journal - 8/27/1958    
...who get involved with maried men can FIND SYMPATHY under "S" in the 
DICTIONARY.....O'Meara, for an intestinal obstruction. FIND out where to fpke them. 
See the..
Reno, Nevada Wednesday, August 27, 1958  831 k      
Appleton Post Crescent - 5/22/1964  
...is a limit our sweetness. "You'll FIND SYMPATHY in the DICTIONARY between 
Stupid and.....Sbrtnwoid SYMPATHY May be Undeserved O JltU Tff J454J.....with 
that due about the location of SYMPATHY. South can make his contract If he..
Appleton, Wisconsin Friday, May 22, 1964  475 k     
Times Recorder - 8/26/1969  
...sometimes want to tell people they can FIND SYMPATHY in the DICTIONARY 
somewhere between.....the fourth and would wind up looking for SYMPATHY just as 
our correspondent did..
Zanesville, Ohio Tuesday, August 26, 1969  805 k    
Indiana Evening Gazette - 9/10/1970     
...putting her arms around him? You will FIND "SYMPATHY" under "S" in the 
DICTIONARY, Mister.....you do? PUZZLED DEAR PUZZLED: I'd tell FIND? understand. 
TROUBLED IN DEAR TROUBLED.....good television repair man is also hard to FIND I 
mean one who comes immediately when..
Indiana, Pennsylvania Thursday, September 10, 1970  720 k       
Post Crescent - 12/14/1976  
...God's creatures, but we are also firm. FIND SYMPATHY in the DICTIONARY 
between Stupid and.....scorch you to get to four hearts and then FIND all the 
trumps in one he demanded. got.....WIs C-10 Unlucky card player looks for 
Appleton, Wisconsin Tuesday, December 14, 1976  439 k       
Avery, Samuel Putnam, (1822-1904): The Harp of a Thousand Strings, or, 
Laughter for a Lifetime (1858) 1 match in 1 of 372 pages
olored man to a crowd, "in all infliction, in all ob yer troubles, dare is 
one place you can always find sympathy!" "Whar? Whar?" shouted several. "In de 
dictionary," he replied, rolling his eyes skyw    

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