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> Many web sites say that "Johnny Canuck" was an editorial cartoon feature in
> the 1860's, the Canadian version of Uncle Sam.
> Can anyone provide such evidence?
> I can find a print cite from 1902 using newspaperarchive.  But nothing
> before that

   I posted this on 23 December 1997:

1862 HARPER'S WEEKLY 5 July 432, (cartoon)

LITTLE JOHNNY KANUCK. "Look here,Papa, you said if I'd abuse UNCLE SAM, you'd
take my part when he came over to whip me."

PAPA JOHN BULL. "Ah! but that was before the rascal got his_Monitors_ and
_Parrott Guns_. You must take care of yourself, young man."

LITTLE JOHNNY KANUCK (_crying_). "Oh! oh! oh!"

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