Read 'em and weep (1920); Put on a clinic (1976)

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   This is still not in OED?  Supposedly, this one's from cards.  David
Shulman told me that he submitted this to OED, but I forget the date.  It might
have been 1918.
   Nothing on Newspaperarchive is before 1920.

Indianapolis Star - 11/5/1920
...I'm in My Mother's Anns READ 'EM AND WEEP Gennett Records NovEMber
Specials the.....Bines' Hcrtijird Orchestral paniment READ 'EM AND TVeep. Al Bernprd, permit earlier reports. The returns READ off In court for the
benefit of the.....ERNEST EVANS AND Artists In BELLS Song AND Dance Romance LA
Indianapolis, Indiana Friday, November 05, 1920  883 k

Indianapolis Star - 11/24/1920
...Tenor READ 'EM AND WEEP .Tenor ..Anytime, Any Hay, Anywhere (Fox.....The
party then proceeded. President Floyd READ a proclamation in which he
enumerated.....was stuffed owls, AND there were eleven of 'EM, all In one case, with
surprised AND.....parentage AND muskrats, AND porcupines, AND deer, asfar down
as the neck, AND raccoon..
Indianapolis, Indiana Wednesday, November 24, 1920  975 k

Indianapolis Star - 11/28/1920
...Chinatown Jlhga-Bula-Jlnt-Jinr READ 'EM AND WEEP..... Any Time, Any Day,
Anywhere (Fox.....of the program which includes both secular AND sacred Bongs
AND motets. The advisory.....If you want to try this gresiLt trouble AND money
saver send thedS AND they will send.....Saxophone, Banjo AND
.................Saxophone, Banjo AND..
Indianapolis, Indiana Sunday, November 28, 1920  937 k

Sandusky Register - 1/13/1920
...or navy who don't know how to READ 'EM AND WEEP. They got the THOROUGH
EXAMINATIONS.....350.00 less Eases Pain Says ChEMist Begy So READ once again the
name at the top; its all 'leaks AND get all watei mains AND
services in the best of condition, AND.....detective couldn't get the goods on'EM
. Besides, if he, SCIENTIFIC SI ETirOpS..
Sandusky, Ohio Tuesday, January 13, 1920  743 k


   Also not in OED ("miserable on sports").  The "put on a clinic" in the
"took him to school" sense is certainly no later than the 1976 citation below,
where it's in quotes.
Pacers Put on Clinic for Knicks
Published: April 7, 2004

News Journal - 3/5/1976
...And Lou HudsON, normAlly his oppONent, "PUT ON A CLINIC." HudsON scored A
seAsON-high.....HudsON cArried us in the first hAlf. He PUT ON A CLINIC tON
ight in shooting, driving.....SyrAcuse will meet NiAgArA in COLUMBUS (AP) PUT
simply, Fred TAylor's problem in his swAn.....Bellevue (15-4) And AshlAnd (13-6)
tAkes ON Tiffin ColumbiAn (10-9) tomorrow evening..
Mansfield, Ohio Friday, March 05, 1976  712 k

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