this message brought to you by the letter P

Thu Apr 8 21:46:55 UTC 2004

        Do you suppose that the seven rhyming words might be, say, BAD, MAD, BAT, MAT, CAT, BAG, TAG?

John Baker

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specifically: "Your Letter Link set contains 7 special letters which
represent baby's first sounds (B, D, G, M, T, C, A). "

i would like to protest on behalf of the letter P.  and N.

to continue: "These letters can be interlinked to spell seven special
rhyming words."

quick!  name those seven rhyming words!  the best i can do is six, and
that takes something of a stretch in the vocabulary: AD, BAD, GAD, MAD,
TAD, CAD.  or AM, BAM, DAM, GAM, TAM, CAM.  or, just barely imaginably,
AB [one abdominal muscle], DAB, GAB, [Queen] MAB, TAB, CAB.  _AT falls
down on DAT, unless you accept the acronym for Digital Audio Tape.  _AG
falls down on CAG, and is dubious on DAG ['dyke', as in BULLDAG] and
the clippings AG and MAG.  _AC is pretty generally hopeless.

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