Skydiving terms (1958, 1964, 1989)

James A. Landau JJJRLandau at AOL.COM
Sun Apr 11 14:42:32 UTC 2004

A couple of obscure sayings that even Barry Popik missed:

Q.  How many successful jumps does a student jumper have to make to graduate?
A.  All of them!

A Green Beret once told me that in jump school he had learned a variation of
the old Army expression "Get your head out of your ass".  It was "get your
head out of your fourth point of contact", the "fourth point of contact" of a
proper landing roll being one's posterior.

This was the same Green Beret who, on being asked "Why would you jump out of
a perfectly good airplane?", replied "With the National Guard pilots we get on
training flights, we're safing jumping!"

       - Jim Landau

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