One=Plagiarism, Many=Research (1941) (not Mizner?)

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If you steal from one author, it's plagiarism; if you steal from many, it's research.
   ---WILSON MIZNER, attributed

   Maybe it's not Mizner.  Maybe he stole it?

Reno Evening Gazette - 4/28/1943
...for memorizing. (Copying from ONE source is PLAGIARISM; copying from TWO or more sources.....of countless writers whose flair for RESEARCH exceeds 'their zeal.....Outside Nevada and Northern California ONE year S9.00 Six months S4.50 ONE month For.....every editorial writer ie equipped for RESEARCH. The Indomitable Spirit THE SPIRIT..
Reno, Nevada   Wednesday, April 28, 1943  789 k

Wisconsin Rapids Daily Tribune - 10/6/1945
...since: you steal from ONE author, it's PLAGIARISM; if you stea from many, it's.....old. Dellwood Mr and Mrs. Thomas Davis and TWO sons of South Beloit, 111., spent last.....besides I don't see any sense n doing so. ONE of the main resasons I dropped out of.....B., aged 17, ropped out of high school TWO months before graduation. My English..
Wisconsin Rapids, Wisconsin   Saturday, October 06, 1945  900 k

Wisconsin Rapids Daily Tribune - 10/6/1945
...s PLAGIARISM; if you stea from many, it's RESEARCH. MIZNER never minced words about his.....promptly. Jim Tully once persuaded Wilson MIZNER to try his hand at a short story. He..
Wisconsin Rapids, Wisconsin   Saturday, October 06, 1945  900 k

Gazette And Bulletin - 1/12/1953
...a hONEy. "If you copy from ONE author, It's PLAGIARISM. If you copy from TWO, it's.....2 per cent of the dwellings .had more than ONE or TWO persons per room. The census also.....Rover will never be the same after he's had ONE or TWO -treatments. -He'll Unit Ben, Spot.....were mortgaged and the, median value of ONE dwelling unit -structure was and Rent..
Williamsport, Pennsylvania   Monday, January 12, 1953  735 k

Lima News - 4/13/1972
...When you'take stuff from ONE writer, it's PLAGIARISM but many WriterS) RESEARCH.....of Dr. and Mrs. John Petrie, Lima, and has TWO daughters, Margo, 4, and Gretchen, 8.....also dean of men's fashion writers and ONE ot the most delightful septugenarians ONE.....abused. A better system must be devised and TWO organizations are working on it. The..
Lima, Ohio   Thursday, April 13, 1972  762 k

Coshocton Tribune - 10/20/1972 you now. If you steal ONE joke it's PLAGIARISM; if you steal a lot of jokes, it's.....RESEARCH. I did all the RESEARCH for so be my.....Offsides And Showing For more than TWO years, Federal Communications Commission.....jacket concludes, "Here Is a lifetime of RESEARCH that I give to you free. Use them..
Coshocton, Ohio   Friday, October 20, 1972  788 k

Times Recorder - 7/21/1976
...If you steal from ONE author, it's PLAGIARISM; if you steal from many, it's.....AGO Astronaut Michael Collins retrieved TWO experiment boxes from a dead Agena.....or indoctrination rather than of will. ONE can win a Silver Star in ONE, it was my last resort." Lots of RESEARCH Wilson Mrzner was writing Hollywood..
Zanesville, Ohio   Wednesday, July 21, 1976  687 k

News Post Leader - 9/17/1986
...And on scholarship: "Copy from ONE, it's PLAGIARISM; copy from TWO, it's RESEARCH.....notable quotes from Byrne LOS ANGELES AP ONE of the few things Gene Siskel and Roger.....Society sponsored its annual pet show. TWO show entries were owned by Lara Brennecke.....lot, not even "possibly the best." At least ONE of the earlier ONEs was better. On the..
Frederick, Maryland   Wednesday, September 17, 1986  554 k

Chronicle Telegram - 4/28/1993
...Mizner "If you steal from ONE author, ifs PLAGIARISM; if you steal from many, it's.....the defense will get at most ONE spade and TWO club tricks. East should put South on the.....Let's return to East's decision at trick TWO. From the point-count, West is good therapy. You still have at least ONE more major vacation in mind. GEMINI (May..
Elyria, Ohio   Wednesday, April 28, 1993  518 k

Los Angeles Times (1886-Current File). Los Angeles, Calif.: Mar 17, 1941. p. 24 (1 page):
   Bob Oliver suggests a simple rule-of-thumb for would-be movie scenarists.
   "Just remember," says he, "if you steal from one man, it's plagiarism.  If you steal from several, it's research."

Leeside o' L.A.
LEE SHIPPEY. Los Angeles Times (1886-Current File). Los Angeles, Calif.: May 27, 1946. p. A4 (1 page):
   However, he might fall back on the saying: "If you steal from one person it's plagiarism.  If you steal from 20 it's research."

Books of The Times
By CHARLES POORE. New York Times (1857-Current file). New York, N.Y.: Apr 4, 1953. p. 11 (1 page):
   He (Mizner--ed.) is believed to be the first to have observed that "if you steal from one author it's plagiarism; if you steal from many, it's research."

Reading for Business; Researching Research
--WILLIAM H. PETERSON. Wall Street Journal (1889-Current file). New York, N.Y.: Jun 5, 1957. p. 12 (1 page):
   "Take stuff from one writer and it's plagiarism," said WIlson Mizner; "take it from many writers and it's research."

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