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Dave Hause dwhause at JOBE.NET
Wed Apr 14 02:14:40 UTC 2004

I would differ minorly and agree only that the woman "built for speed" is
slender (the other attributes being variable), the opposite being "built for
comfort" to describe a more Rubenesque woman.  And a fair number of years of
observation and discussion convince me that "attractive" is in the eye of
the beholder.
Dave Hause, dwhause at jobe.net
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From: "Baker, John" <JMB at STRADLEY.COM>

        Someone who's "built for speed" would be slender, lithe, with long
legs - in short, attractive.  There may also be implications that she is (or
the speaker would like her to be) a "fast" woman, meaning one who is
sexually receptive.

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