"Gurney" etymology

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Wed Apr 14 14:16:13 UTC 2004

At 11:07 PM -0400 4/13/04, Sam Clements wrote:
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>Subject: "Gurney" etymology
>>  Is the origin of "gurney" = "wheeled cart or bed" (medical and other
>>  jargon, I think) known?
>>  I am surprised to find no very plausible origin in quick Web-search. My
>>  dictionaries have nothing very likely; AHD mentions a horse-drawn cab from
>>  1883, but I think the current usage dates from about 50 years later.
>>  A notion which occurs to me involves the Gurney brand of ball bearings.
>>  anybody looked into this?
>>  -- Doug Wilson
>Evan Morris at least published a column

...in which, while acknowledging that we have no info on "gurney"
itself, he endorses the acronymic theory for the origin of "gomer" (<
Get Out of My Emergency Room).  As I recall, some of the respondents
here favored the Gomer Pyle theory.


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