Liars Figure (1892); Illegal, Immoral, Fattening (1936); Hash Brownies

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   Sorry for the double post just now.  I didn't think that was possible.  I 
re-post if nothing goes through for about an hour.
   This is usually given to Charles H. Grosvenor (1833-1917), but never with 
a date attached.
Broad Ax - 8/22/1896    
...WILL not lie; but the d d liars WILL FIGURE." Let them FIGURE, fret and 
fume.....from their own labor. They try to FIGURE that the country is prosperous 
under a.....a set of anarchists and bad men. Let them FIGURE, but when the 
votes are counted, they.....she would marry me. "Molly, I murmured, "I WILL 
attempt. "Then you WILL succeed." She..
Salt Lake City, Utah   Saturday, August 22, 1896  587 k     
Indiana Weekly Messenger - 10/17/1894   
...s. It is true that "FIGUREs won't lie." but liars WILL FIGURE. To the 
table in IT that crop in tn'j county, thin WILL wnrtli rotrN'J 
chilil of Simuwl of W i.....enlfr prnpnsp to into Uif 'TPfUNPry binir WILL 
In' Jibo'jf. tlio nnty thing i t" ir tho..
Indiana, Pennsylvania   Wednesday, October 17, 1894  783 k      
Olean Democrat - 12/6/1892  
...of that other famous expression that '-liars WILL FIGURE." Hon. Norman 
Alien of.....It MitHt Toted on by the Pnaple Vet. but It WILL Probably be But I 
Bed by thoui uezt.....and here published for the first time, WILL also actraot 
much attention. Mrs. Anr.e..
Olean, New York   Tuesday, December 06, 1892  1063 k    
Naugatuck Daily News - 2/26/1898    
...qnot ed saying: "FIGUREs clo not lie, but liars FIGURE." Th.e noted labor 
began life as..
Naugatuck, Connecticut   Saturday, February 26, 1898  725 k     
   This is a little earlier than what I'd posted before...Credited to 
Alexander Woollcott...Would probably be a good motto for the Martha Stewart Dessert 
Nashua Reporter - 10/21/1936    
...that seems worth while is either ILLEGAL, IMMORAL or FATTENING." Bell WNU 
Service. Eve..
Nashua, Iowa Wednesday, October 21, 1936  975 k     
Edwardsville Intelligencer - 8/19/1937  
...that really like to do is either ILLEGAL, IMMORAL or FATTENING." t t t 
Warning Words..
Edwardsville, Illinois Thursday, August 19, 1937  715 k     
Hammond Times - 11/1/1937   
...middle age on everything ia either ILLEGAL, IMMORAL or FATTENING.'" 
(Alexander Woolleott..
Hammond, Indiana Monday, November 01, 1937  912 k       
Reno Evening Gazette - 3/14/1938    
...exciting things in life are either ILLEGAL, IMMORAL or too FATTENING." 
Woolcott's more.....having as opposing counsel William E. I ity ILLEGAL coin of 
the realm, the record does..
Reno, Nevada Monday, March 14, 1938  748 k  
Zanesville Signal - 3/21/1938   
...exciting things In life are either ILLEGAL. IMMORAL or too FATTENING." 
Woollcott's acting..
Zanesville, Ohio Monday, March 21, 1938  924 k      
Nevada State Journal - 4/9/1938     
...modern girl wants to do is either ILLEGAL, IMMORAL or FATTENING." Which is 
the way we..
Reno, Nevada Saturday, April 09, 1938  752 k    
Sheboygan Press - 12/22/1939    
...things in life are either ILLEGAL, IMMORAL, or FATTENING." [Or too By Way 
Sheboygan, Wisconsin Friday, December 22, 1939  732 k       
Lethbridge Herald - 9/25/1942   
...this way: I want to do is either ILLEGAL, IMMORAL, or FATTENING. V V V 
Lethbridge, Alberta Friday, September 25, 1942  1398 k  
HASH BROWNIES--3,150 Google hits, 2,130 Google Groups hits
   "Hash brownies" is not in the OED and not in John Mariani's ENCYCLOPEDIA 
OF AMERICAN FOOD AND DRINK (1999).  Gertrude Stein had them, but was this name 
used?  Remind me to check the LOS ANGELES TIMES.
   You should never have "hash brownies" because they're illegal, immoral, 
and fattening.
... CARL JUNG. And then there were Alice B. Toklas's favorite, "hash brownies"
called Haschich Fudge. Here ... seeing. GERTRUDE STEIN. ... - 82k - Cached - Similar pages 

I Love You, Alice B. Toklas!
... Newsgroups: alt.cult-movies View this article only Date: 1998/11/13 
..."and so does
Gertrude Stein" Love it! ... Those scenes with the "hash brownies" are 
priceless ... 
alt.cult-movies - Aug 20, 2002 by trippyna - View Thread (2 articles)
..."and so does Gertrude Stein" Love it! Hilarious! ... Those scenes with
the "hash brownies" are priceless. Peter Sellers is brilliant. ... 
alt.cult-movies - Nov 13, 1998 by Kevin and Kathleen Mortensen - View Thread 
(2 articles)
Re: Famous lesbians
and don't forget Gertrude Stein and Alice B. Toklas!
Didn't Toklas invent hash brownies? 
alt.gossip.celebrities - Aug 5, 2001 by Running On Empty - View Thread (128 

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