early cite for theory 'movies incite violence' (1911)

Sam Clements SClements at NEO.RR.COM
Tue Apr 20 03:15:48 UTC 2004

22 Nov. 1911  Frederick(MD) _Evening Post_.  5/4 (NewspaperArchive)

<<PICTURE CRIME GAVE IDEA/Young Bandit admits that's Why He Murdered Man.

  Scranton, Pa., Nov. 22--William Bishie, the cold-blooded slayer of Express Messenger Irvan Borger, on the Lackawanna Railroad last Friday night, yesterday said he got the idea of the crime from a moving picture of a Western hold-up that he had seen in the "movies."
   The fact that everything, up to and including the killing, robbery and departure from the moving train, was planned to the utmost detail, while the future was evidently allowed to take care of itself, bears out his statement.>>

Sam Clements

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